Saturday, April 6, 2013

87 Blue Balloons and 1 White

April 2nd was a very special day for us - worldwide Autism Awareness Day and Jake's school had some special events in which we were involved, including: a balloon release (87 blue balloons and 1 white to represent the autism statistic of one child in 88 living with autism), a walk around the school with teaching posters for the kids about autism along the way, guest speakers, Local TV, radio, and newspaper coverage (Alex and I were interviewed about the sensory room on the radio), cutting of the ribbon ceremony of the sensory room that Jake's class uses and is the only one of it's kind in the entire state of Alabama.  The program culminated with a reception with a special cake that you'll see in a photo bellow.

The link for the Montgomery Advertiser video clip of the day event and article ending with a bit about our family:


Posters that each class at Jake's school made for April 2nd.  They walked with their posters around the school - What a sensational way to raise autism awareness for children.  Everyone participated!!

We returned to the school later that same evening to see the school be lit up in blue as the evening became dark!  It was a very successful and emotional event for us, and Jake was exceptionally affectionate and loving.  He kept on asking me " how are you?" He probably asked me this question at least twenty times and was very happy - it was just perfect!  The kids got to build an autism bear on a field trip, which was later given to them by the Parent Teacher Association of the school as a gift that same evening.

Jake's Build-A-Bear

Bracelets for donations to support the sensory room

Jake's kindergarten class, as well as the older autism class closed the evening with a finale song that was very special for us to see how much fun they were having.  Jake was not able to sing, but was moving to the music and enjoying the event with his teacher, Mrs. Newall.  Some of the kids in the autism classes at Wilson Elementary are non verbal, and some are partially verbal like our Jake.  He is wearing an orange shirt and white plaid shorts.  Click on the link bellow to watch the U-tube video:

Language Unit Students - Upside Down   

Mrs. Newall and Mrs. Breeding interviewed for the local news - it was very special.

Enjoy the photos and be proud of our school, devoted special education teachers and principle, our beautiful and sweet Jake and all of the other everyday heroes, worldwide; our children and adults that cope with autism.  We honor those who live with autism during the month of April for autism awareness, and really, awareness is a daily way of living.  We also celebrate our efforts of raising autism awareness.  April 2nd this year was truly a meaningful and memorable day which I will forever treasure! 

Plastic bubble tub in the sensory room with glowing spaghetti strings - kids play inside

Alex Lily and Jake

Jake looking at his dad in uniform, facing the US and Alabama flags and the kids of the school.
Amongst the blue balloons, floats a single white one - a touching moment for me to capture in a photo.

Now this is cake!!

April 2nd, 2013 - a day which I will forever treasure

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